Ten more ways to increase your Flickr views

Many moons ago I posted on how to increase your Flickr views. That post proved quite popular. Since then I've stumbled across a few more ways to increase your views on Flickr. Flickr has also changed itself to make it easier than ever to share. So I thought I would share with you a few more ways to add views and visits.


My original post how to increase Flickr views is here. Since I joined Flickr, I have had over 5 million views of my Flickr pictures to date (5,369,049 to be exact) so I thought I would share you some more tips on how to maximise visits to your photo stream.


Show your picture across social media.

You can now easily share your picture noweasily on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and on your own blog. About that Flickr have made is really easy to do. After you’ve posted your picture, jump up abovethe picture and you can immediately click a link to message as an email post on Tumblr or posts via twitter.


Hidden in the share button section you canadd even more links through Facebook, Pintrest and Blogger. What’s more if youclick more ways to share you can add LiveJournal and WordPress to that list.


If you’re feeling brave you can also grabthe link and use this to post on any site with HTML activated in the comment section. That could also be other Flickr members comments or group comments.


This increases your views because more people might stumble upon your picture and every time the picture is a link directly back to your Flickr site.


Create a Flickr group


This is actually really easy to do and a novelway of linking back to your Flickr page. Just go to groups then choose Create aGroup. Create a public group that anyone can join, then pick a name, add a quick description click okay twice and you created a group. Don’t worry, you can always change the details later although you are stuck with that name. If you don’t like that, you’ll have to start another group.


So, for example, 18 months ago I created agroup called Flower Flower Flower. It now has a membership of over 13,000 andis growing fast. It was so easy to set up. I posted a few flower pictures I’d taken, invited a few others and momentum soon picked up. As well as discovering some brilliant pictures and also let some people back to my photo stream. Not a bad thing at all.


Add your picture to link sharing sites


So there is a brilliant sites like Reddit and StumbleUpon. In their own way thereand they are fantastic discovering new pictures. They also brilliant way toshare your pictures. I have had literally thousands of views each from each of these sites. It’s easy to set up an account and there is no rule against posting around pictures. Obviously you should also share what exciting picturesyou buy from across the web. Have a go. It can be an amazing way to add extra views to your photo stream. Especially if one of your pictures goes viral.


Use If This Then That or IFTTT


Even though Flickr gives you some easy waysto share your pictures there are even easier ways if you set up sharing with if this then that. You can share with Facebook, Twitter or even your blog automatically as soon as you post. This is especially good if you like automation or just plain lazy.

Here's some more on How to Share your Flickr Pictures Automatically with IFTTT.


Cross Promote through 500px

Many of you will be using 500px already,but if you aren’t get on it. Its free! And it's arrival has really up the challenge to Flickr. 500PX encourages you toupload your best pictures, and gives a really beautiful sharing photographic experience. It also finally allows you to link to your Flickr site. So uploadyour best pictures, be so social, and wait for the visits. In fact, you may find yourself starting to get obsessed with 500PX visits as well as.


5 more obscure ways to mount up those visits and views

- Post your pictures square.

This gives thelargest picture Flickr allows creates mass impact.

- Create sets so that there are morethumbnail pictures visible and more pictures are easily accessed by visitors toyour photo stream. Just select Organize on your photostream and create a set.

- Send Flickr members that you would liketo see your picture. I hate this by the way…

- Include a picture of you choosing when commenting on others pictures. Just grab the link, by copying the HTML under the share button. Sometimes a pleading message about returning the visit helps too. By the way, I hate this one too but it can work.

- Always keep your picture on the front page thatyour contacts see. This is easy to by editing the time and date so that picturealways looks as if it’s new. Thanks to Steve H for that tip.

- Post more public pictures This is probably obvious but took time for me to realise. The pictures you have on your site, the more chances that you'll get a visit. And the more times you get a visit, the more chances you have that your visitor will explore other pictures on your site.


There you go then - a few more ideas for increasing views. Let me know in the comments if you've got any better ideas!





  1. That last tip about editing the time and date thus keeping your photos on the first pagethat your contacts see. Is a horrible tip. I hate that, it's annoying and I boot any contacts that do it.

    1. I'm not condoning it... but it is effective.

  2. I am totally excited to see this post, I never thought that using photos in my internet marketing would work so well. Thanks a ton.

  3. Thanks for sharing these, need to start digging around for my particular Flickr niche

  4. Good suggestions/reminders in general. I do agree with MJW about the re-posting, I have done this before but always add a note in the description explaining why. I don't condone it either but occasionally there are good reasons aside from increasing views.

    I noticed a difference between your first flicker suggestions post and this one; an increase in the amount of embedded links to other sites in the text. Do these link back to your post from the site in some way? Would direct links like these be any more or less effective than the easy share type buttons? Probably novice questions, but that's where I am at for now, but I am willing to learn.

  5. How about posting your flickr here? :D


  6. Isn't that spamming? ;-D


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  12. Thanks for this posting. This helps a lot.

    I want to provide another tip.
    `Leave the opinion/comment as many as possible when you are browsing others' photos.`

    I always want to click back to check the user's gallery if they gave some comments on my photo. Trying to learn each other's work. And most of time, I suddenly get views or likes on my old photo by the user I left the comments to.


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