I lost 8 pounds in 8 days

I lost eight pounds in eight days. Following some key rules. Some new stuff too.

Rule 1 : Weigh Yourself Every Day

Ive started using a brilliant app to track this. Lift. Yes Lift It's so simple. Just add 'weigh everyday' and the checkin every day. Measure to manage yourself. There is something about the big green reassuring tick that tells me I've done a good job. And something so simple. And people give me Props! Try it.

Rule 2: Make mistakes but learn from them

I put on 8 pounds in 8 weeks. I hadn't followed. Key learning - change was necessary, otherwise I wouldn't lose another gram. If you stuff you puff. Feed equals greed. Jelly equals belly.

Rule 3: Lean-Protein, vegetables, water in first 48 hours

As much lean-protien as you like, same for veg and water. But nothing else. I'm not a scientist so I don't know why this works, but I do know that this magic combo flushes out two or three pounds over two days. Try it yourself. Two days is nothing.

Rule 4: Under 1000 calories before dinner.

This is hard. I find it easiest to achieve when I'm working all day. I'm too buys to guzzle. Trick for me is to not eat until I'm hungry. That means no breakfast. Then only eat small and drink lots of water or caffeine beverages. Both work together. By the time you get to dinner your body has had a long time to use up the spare carbs from yesterday. You will have burned some fat.

Rule 5: Watch for your Feeders

You know. The loved ones, friends and family, who like to encourage us to eat. Sometime subtle "it's only one slice of bread" sometimes blunt "I've cooked you a nice bowl of pasta". Do you know who yours are. Don't let them get this better of you. My tactic? I tell them that I know their evil plan, and I tell them that I want to lose weight and I know what I'm doing and it's not that I don't lave their apple crumble but I love having a narrower waist that 36 inches even more

That's it.

Try it. Let me know. It's only 8 days. And 8s a lucky number.




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