How to Share Your Flickr Pictures Automatically using IFTTT

How to Share Your Flickr Pictures Automatically

You can easily share your Flickr pictures and posts to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Dropbox and your Blog using IFTTT.COM is really simple.

IFTTT works by watching your Flickr account. When you post something new, it then follows any automatic rules you've asked it to follow.

How to do it? Choose which action you would like to get up and running and follow the link below. You will need to create a username and allow IFTTT to access your Flickr postings. Easy.

Sharing Flickr posting with Twitter - tweet your Flickr pictures quickly and easily here.

Sharing with Facebook - share with friends and family on Facebook.

Sharing with Tumblr - if you Tumble, this will post to your Tumblr easily.

Saving posts to your Dropbox - you can also share to GoogleDrive or SkyDrive at IFTTT.COM

Sharing with you Blogger blog - if you run your own blog, this is the perfect way to push your Flickr content to it.


  1. The social network is such a powerful tool due to how powerful word of mouth can be for your business. Sharing photos is the way to go.


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