Eaters cheaters. Why do dieters cheat?

  • People cheat. But only a little bit. A small amount.
  • There's the incentive to cheat. Short term fix to satisfy hunger. But also the inner voice of self esteem.
  • So people on a diet might not gorge, or stuff their faces, but they may eat just a little bit more than they should. One small chocolate. One sneaky glass of wine.
  • Does this matter?
  • Well yes. That small amount of cheating. Maybe 200 or 300 calories. That may be enough to tip the balance from Losing Weight to Maintaining Weight. Or Maintaining Weight to Adding Weight.
  • Not good if you're real goal is to lose weight.
  • Is there a solution to avoid cheating instead of eating when your are dieting? You bet.
  1. Weigh yourself everyday. If the evidence says you added weight or maintained your weight, you ate too much! Knowledge is power. By measuring your weight, you can manage your weight loss.
  2. Be aware of your cheating. You now know, because it is human nature, that you are likely to cheat. Just a little bit of cheating. So, be aware of what it is. Know your weakness. For me it's complex carbs. That means bread, pasta, rice, biscuits. If I see one, I want one. Because I know that I'm always tempted by these thing, I'm especially vigilant around them and look for ways to avoid the,. carbs are the enemy.
  3. Cheat safely. The great news is that there are low calorie cheats. They might make you feel guilty, but they are good choices. Diet coke is top of my list. Sure, it may rot your teeth with carbonic acid, make you more hungry from sweeteners and dehydrate you from caffeine, BUT diet coke also staves off your hunger. If DC isn't your poison, it might be low cal crisps (sub 100 calories), a piece of fruit, or protein of any kind.

So. Eaters are cheaters. Watch your own tendency to cheat. recognise it and combat it when you can.


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