Dictation on MacBook Pro

I am absolutely loving dictation on MacBook Pro. I'm using it right now to type this message. I won't edit any errors they can see how accurate it is. Perhaps it will soon drive me mad to have the sound of my own voice ringing in my ear continuously. Right now, perhaps its the novelty, but I'm typing everything I possibly can using dictation.

Yes I can touch type yes I'm pretty fast but there's nothing quite like sitting with my eyes closed and knowing that the computer is typing for me. This is wonderful. What a strange feeling. I think it feels like I'm Don Draper in the 50s with my secretary writing down in shorthand every word I say then wandering to type it up.

You simply double tap the function on the Apple MacBook Pro after activating dictation in pretty much any windows and the typing starts. I believe that the words are actually translated at Apple Central via Wi-Fi. This has one limitation which is that you can only write about two sentences before Apple dictation freezes and hassles send the words you've said to Apple I could get used to that though I think at this moment I can get used to anything because I am about to write so many long emails and annoy so many people it is untrue. You have to say phrases in order to get punctuation. Now I can't tell you what those phrases are because if I say them the punctuation will come along. So four example if I say. Eight. Appears and if I say, I, appears. If I say

I wonder if

Will appear if I say! Doesn't! Appear how exciting so it almost becomes like a riddle but I'm not going to type anything to correct this. You will just have too work out what I've been doing through what the computer is done. As I write this it makes me wish that I had a wider vocabulary so I could marvel at the possibilities of all the magical words I could be spouting. Unfortunately, my vocabulary limited despite having read more books than I really should have at my tender age.

Right, well, this has been a lot of fun. Trust me I'm going to use this some more. Let's see how I get on. Perhaps I'll write a novel using this strange system. I wonder how many words I've posted already. Love it. Bye.


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