Secret of successful dieting - Know Your Weight

How much do you weigh?

Most people have a number in their head. But is it up-to-date? Is it the truth o what you wish you weighed? Is it what you weighed when you were 21??

If you don't know your weight right now, you don't know if your weigh is going up, down or sideways. So how can you lose weight?

Here's my tips of my ideal way to track me weight whilst on a diet and beyond!

1. Good scales

If you make one investment in your plan to lose weight, forget Ski Machines and Blenders, buy good scales.  You want accurate, quality scales that give a consistent reading. Don't use the old scales that have been lurking in your bathroom for years.  Buy new.  I prefer digital because the read-out is more accurate.

2. Three weigh-ins rule

Each time you weigh yourself, do it three times and pick the middle one. Even the best scales throw up crazy readings from time to time. Have you really lost 5lbs in a day?

3. Write down what you weigh

Its no good trying to remember what you weigh. Jot it down. This could be on paper, an iPhone or a full-blown spreadsheet.  Whatever method you use, keep track each time you weigh. Ideally, the date, time and weight.  Incidentally, I prefer to weigh in pounds.  Not stones or kilograms.  Pounds allow you to easily see relatively small changes in your weight.

Even more important, when all your friends are commenting on how great you look in a few months time they will always ask how much weight you've lost. Make sure you can tell them.

4. Same time, every day weigh

Not once a month, or when you remember, or when you've been to the gym or whatever. The one reading that matters will be the same time every day. My weight can go up or down 5lbs in a day (sometimes more). The main factors that change your weight are what goes in your mouth (Food and drink) and what comes out the other end!!  I prefer to weigh after I've woken up in the morning. At this stage I expect to be my lowest weight all day because I've been burning calories and sweating all night, but not yet eaten or drunk anything in the morning. If that time doesn't suit, choose a different time, and stick to it.

Whether you are on a diet right now, planning to go on a diet or maintaining your weight after the diet - you must Know your Weight.

In a nutshell: Weigh every day!


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